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Windows 7

Since Windows 7's release, ENS has been recommending Windows 7 as a direct upgrade from Windows XP. If you currently use Windows XP or Windows Vista, ENS recommends you upgrade to Windows 7. ENS fully supports Windows 7 as the college standard.

Upgrading to Windows 7

Computers purchased through ENS on CSU accounts are eligible to receive Windows 7 at no additional cost. Personal computers purchased by Engineering students and faculty may be eligible to receive Windows at no cost through the Dreamspark program.

Please note that some older software may not be compatible with Windows 7. Please contact ENS if you have questions.

New to Windows 7?

If you are new to Windows 7, we recommend viewing the Windows 7 tutorial videos available from Microsoft.

Known Windows 7 Issues

  • No known issues at this time.

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This document last modified Monday June 17, 2013

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