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Purchasing & Support Policy

ENS supports all Engineering-owned computers. To receive full support for free, please contact us prior to purchasing computing equipment. We charge $37 per hour to support any Engineering-owned computer not purchased with ENS guidance.

Please note that ENS is not able to recommend or service personally-owned computing equipment.

Mac or Windows PC?

Most engineering software requires the Windows operating system to run, however, ENS supports both Mac and Windows.

For New Students

For first-year students, especially those staying in the Engineering residence hall, we do not recommend purchasing your own computer at all. The College of Engineering supplies many resources for computing, including computer labs and classrooms. For the most part, you will be unable to install software used in your courses on your personal computer. Your student technology fees pay for some excellent computing resources that you can access with no additional fees! (Besides, a computer purchased as a new freshman will be outdated when it comes time for your senior design work.)

For further reading, please see our New Student Information technology page.

For Faculty and Staff

Please note that the CSU vendor of choice is HP. Please consult with a member of our support staff for assistance selecting and purchasing a computer.

ENS is always available to help you select the best computer for your needs.
Please see the University computer purchasing guidelines here.

Instrumentation Interface

If this computer will interface with lab instrumentation, we strongly suggest you consider a PC with commodity parts. This generally provides better compatibility with I/O cards, interfaces, and operating system compatibility. We recommend consulting with a member of our support staff for these critical components of your research.

Personal Computers

Want to purchase an HP or Apple computer for personal use at a great discounted price? CSU students and employees receive a discounted price at RamTech.

Please note that personal computers are not supported by ENS.

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This document last modified Monday January 25, 2016

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