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Print Quota Refund

Occasionally your print quota may get reduced when it shouldn't have. Most of the time this happens when there's a printer error and the job is either incomplete or unusable. Occasionally other errors do cause a reduction in your printer quota. If you believe that you had quota reduced when it shouldn't have been, please contact ENS and explain the situation. In most cases if the quota deduction was through no fault of your own, we will be happy to refund your quota.

Not Enough or No Quota Given

By default Engineering majors get $21 of printing quota at the beginning of the fall semester, and non-Engineering majors (who are taking an Engineering class) get $5 of credits. If you fall into one of these two categories and didn't get any or all of your print credits during the fall semester, please contact ENS and explain the situation. Quota allocation is an automated process and particularly in the case of last-minute class additions or changes in major, often we aren't given that information until after credits have already been allocated.

There is No Spring Semester Quota Increase

It is a common misconception that credits are given out each semester. However, this is not true. Except in the case of mid-year transfers or changes in major, Engineering students are only given print credits at the beginning of the fall semester. Only students who are new to Engineering as of the spring semester will be given a pro-rated amount of new credits. If you're a new student and did not receive any credits, please contact ENS.

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This document last modified Monday June 17, 2013

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