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Web Site Locations

Documents that are intended to be viewed via the internet must be placed in specific network locations. Where you should put your files will depend on your position within the College of Engineering.

For example, your personal webpage would go in a different location than a project webpage, or a class webpage. Permissions to access internet space are required. If you cannot access the areas indicated below contact ENS to request permissions. If you are a student and you need to gain access to a web directory, you will need to ask your student advisor to contact ENS and request those permissions.

Personal Website

  • U:\public_html
    All students and faculty have access to this location on their U: drive. If you do not have a "public_html" directory, just create one with that name. Files will be viewable via the Internet at<engineering username>/<name of the HTML file>
    Example: The character before your engineering username is a tilde and can be found on most keyboards just above the tab key on the left.

Class Website

  • T:\classes\<course prefix>\<course name>\www
    Faculty or class assistants for each Engineering class have permissions in this space. The files will be viewable via the Internet at<course name>
    More information.

Committee Website

  • T:\committees\<committee acronym>\www
    College committee related web pages. The files will be viewable via the Internet at<committee acronym>

Project Website

  • T:\projects\<project name>\www
    Engineering projects should place their web files here. The files will be viewable via the Internet at<project name>
    More information.

Student Organization Website

  • T:\student_orgs\<student_org acronym>\www
    All student organizations can place their web files here. The files will be viewable via the Internet at<student_org acronym>

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This document last modified Monday April 27, 2015

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