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Welcome to Engineering Network Services

Engineering Network Services (ENS) provides computing equipment and services for faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering. We are here to help by providing you with the computing tools and resources you need in order to succeed! We have developed this page to answer some common questions that new and prospective faculty and staff have about the services we offer but if you canít find the information you need on this page, send a note to ENS.

Who do I contact for computer support?

What type of accounts will I have?

How do I set up my Engineering account?

How do I set up/check my e-mail?

How do I access Engineering resources?
You will need to set up an Engineering account which will provides access to the Engineering network and the following services:

  • Login access to engineering lab computers.
  • Engineering computer lab door lock access can be provided.
  • Personal file space of 25GB on the Engineering College computer network. Additional file space is available for purchase if needed.
  • Access to online applications provided by ENS.

How do I buy a computer at CSU? What are the benefits of buying computing equipment through ENS?

What resources are available to me?

Can I access College of Engineering computing resources from off-campus or from another computer?
The short answer is, "Yes!" You can use the links below to find out more information about connecting to the Engineering network.

What remote-access clients are the best for my operating system?

What if I need access to advanced computer facilities or use more computer power?

What facilities does ENS have for file storage and what are the charges for housing servers with ENS?

  • Class file space
  • Personal file space
  • Project file space
  • Physical storage of servers can be arranged through ENS for server rack space the Scott Bio Data Center, the server room at the Academic village, and the server room at the ERC. The current cost for this service is $40 per year per rack.

What is the difference between ACNS and ENS?
ACNS (Academic Computing and Networking Services) provides university-wide IT services and ENS (Engineering Network Services) provides IT services tailored for the College of Engineering.

How can a non-Engineering student taking my class get access to Engineering resources?

  • The student will need to set up an Engineering account which will provides access to the Engineering network.
  • Non-Engineering majors taking Engineering courses are provided with 100MB of space, $5 in print credits, and access to all Engineering computer labs (list of computer labs and classrooms).

How do I get new software installed?

What software is available to faculty?

  • Software List
    In the Engineering computer labs and classrooms, there is a veritable plethora of engineering discipline-specific industry-standard software packages installed on each computer. To get more information about software or to see a list of the available software, click the link above. If you need software installed on your own computer, please Contact the ENS Help Desk.
  • Requesting software for the computer labs
    Faculty and staff must request the software they need for computer classrooms and labs before each semester starts. The cutoff for spring semester software requests is the last day of the Fall semester. The cutoff for Fall semester requests is May 31.

What software is available for free download?

What kind of systems does ENS use, recommend, and support?

What kind of user support services do you offer for desktop computing?

Desktop computing support is available to faculty and staff through the ENS Help Desk.

How can I reserve a room?

How can I get more information?


This document last modified Monday March 12, 2018

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