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Digital projectors are available in many of the ENS design studios, meeting rooms and electronic classrooms. In most cases, there is a manual switch to power on/off the projector, or there may be a remote control. In the electronic classrooms, projectors are controlled via the touch panel on the lectern.

In the Magellan Design Studio, projectors may only be used with the ENS computer they are attached to. In other rooms, a video switch or KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switch is provided so that you may use either the provided ENS computer or your own laptop.

Smart Boards

In several locations throughout the ENS labs and electronic classrooms, you may see a Smart Board interactive whiteboard. The Smart Board is essentially a giant graphics tablet with which you may control the computer it is attached to, a PowerPoint presentation, or other software.

To get started, please see these excellent training tutorials. We encourage you to experiment with them to get a feel for them! If you would like personalized assistance, please contact the ENS Help Desk.

Windows PCs are provided in the ENS labs and electronic classrooms for use with the Smart Boards; you must use the provided Windows PC in order to use the Smart Board.

We encourage you to take the time to align the Smart Board before your class or presentation:

Smart Lecterns

In the ENS electronic classrooms, university-standard "smart lecterns" are available, with a touch panel to control projection, screens, inputs, and other features of the lectern. The typical smart lectern comes equipped with a Windows PC and/or thin client, video input(s) for your own laptop, a Blu-Ray player, a digital document projector, an in-room sound system, and a touch panel to control the projection equipment.

Please see the operating instructions on each lectern. If you need help, please contact the ENS Help Desk using the telephone provided at the lectern. In many cases we are able to give immediate assistance. Of course, we do encourage you to take the time to learn the lectern controls before your class or presentation begins.

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