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Apple Support Information

This page is for those who would like to know more about the use of Apple computers at CSU, and more specifically within the Engineering network.

The best place for general information and news is the Apple web site. Apple also has a very goodknowledge base and discussions list that will probably help you find an answer to a problem or question.

Should you bring a Mac to campus?

Depending on what you want to do with the laptop a MacBook may work well for you. Please see our notebook purchasing recommendations page for more details.

If you are a CSU faculty or student, you can take advantage of the specialized pricing and academic discounts for Apple hardware and software available through CSU's RamTech computer store.

Wireless on Campus

ACNS has installed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server to support the campus wireless network. Because wireless networks are inherently insecure, ENS and ACNS encourages everyone to use a VPN client to connect to the wireless network. Set up wireless on your Mac.

Connect from home with your Mac

Connect with a Mac from home with VPN.


"If I have a Mac, I don't need to worry about security, right?" No. Every computer, no matter the operating system, has security threats. Please see our computer security page for more information.

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This document last modified Friday January 29, 2016

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