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HTML Basics

This section of the ENS web tutorial focuses on the bare basics of creating a web page. If you follow each of the links below and read through the lessons, you will know enough about HTML to begin creating your own web pages.

  • Structure
    All HTML documents must have a certain structure to be viewed correctly
  • Formatting
    These basic tags will help you to format the data on your web page
  • Lists
    Learning how to create a list on a web page will help you display information more efficiently
  • Tables
    The use of tables gives you much more control of your page's layout
  • Linking
    Learn how to create a hyperlink to another web page
  • Images
    Give your pages a visual kick by adding images
  • Color
    How to code color into your HTML documents
  • Forms
    Create a web form for interactivity
Here are some additional HTML resourses.
layout image
layout image

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