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Web Page Creation

The links below are designed to help you create web pages and other web-related technologies on the Engineering network. If none of these tutorials answers your questions, you are welcome to contact ENS.

  1. Don't use Microsoft Word
    If you want your web pages to be viewable by all browsers, don't use MS Word.
  2. Web Basics
    What is the Internet? How does it work?
  3. Web locations on the Engineering Network
    Where is the right location on the network to place your web pages?
  4. Network File Permission Information
    To be viewed on the Internet, your web pages need the right file permissions.
  5. HTML Basics
    Learn the basic tools to create a simple web page.
  6. Web Image Basics
    How to make your web pages look good and download quickly.
  7. Advanced HTML
    If you need to do something that can't be accomplished with the basics.
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This document last modified Friday June 14, 2013

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