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VPN Information for Mac OS X

Note: Junos Pulse and Tunnelblick have been retired. The VPN client supported by campus is now Pulse Connect Secure Gateway.

Pulse Secure

CSU provides secure access to on-campus resources via a Pulse Connect Secure Gateway, also known as an SSL VPN. When connecting to the gateway the user will be presented with a web page. This page has predefined links to resources such as web pages, terminal sessions and file shares.

The link to the Pulse Connect Secure Gateway is: Once there you will be presented with a login query. Use the realm "CSU eID" and log in with your eID name and password.

You will see several options. Look for "Client Application Sessions" and click "Start" to begin a Pulse Secure session. Your web browser will begin to install the Pulse Secure client on your Mac. Allow it to do so. When finished, you will have a "Pulse" in your Applications folder which you may use for future connections to the campus VPN.

For further help, please visit ACNS's security website and look for "Pulse Connect Secure Gateway/VPN".

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This document last modified Tuesday November 28, 2017

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