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The backbone of technologies that improve our daily lives and the future

VLSI is much more than a popular acronym in the electronics industry. 

It means very large-scale integration — and it is the process used to design and create computer chips that enable everything from smart watches to virtual reality applications. 

VLSI focuses on developing advanced electronic circuits and systems to manage massive amounts of data and turn it into meaningful information. For example, when sensors on self-driving cars collect data to assess the vehicle’s surroundings, such as lane markings, pedestrians, and road signs, VLSI provides the “smarts” to turn that sensing data into actionable insights to control the car. 

“I have been passionate about automobiles for a while and was fortunate enough to be able to work in the automotive sector both after my undergrad as well as during my master’s."

Concentration Highlights

You will learn: This concentration offers you a foundation in computer engineering with specialized training in the VLSI and microelectronics disciplines. Coursework will enable and encourage you to design, analyze, optimize, and implement components, circuits, and systems that are essential in our daily lives.

Real-world examples of VLSI & integrated circuits: autonomous cars, smart homes, virtual reality applications, smart watches, drones, wearable health monitors, laptops, TVs, appliances, supercomputers, and so much more. 

Career opportunities: From bioscience to advanced manufacturing, VLSI and microelectronic disciplines propel economic growth in a wide range of industries. Colorado is a high-tech hub, driving technological advancements around the globe. 

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