Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Title: The CSU-CHILL Radar Facility

Investigator: Chandrasekar

This project will continue the operation and maintenance of the CHILL radar as a national facility to support NSF funded science proposals, largely for the study of hydrometeor classification, evolution of storm systems and the study of storm microphysics.

A number of technical improvements will be made to the CHILL, including the addition of a second wavelength at X-band. The combined X and S band capability will support the partitioning attenuation of mixed phase regions between supercooled rain and wet ice. The improved system will be tested and evaluated along with the Collaborative and Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere, which is a NSF sponsored Engineering Research Center.

The project will also collaborate with the NCAR S-POL radar facility to develop a comprehensive Colorado Front Range radar laboratory, and couple the technical innovations at CHILL with the deployable capabilities of S-POL. The combined activity will make both facilities more cost-effective and operationally efficient.

CHILL will continue to improve and expand its Virtual CHILL educational outreach program. This program brings CHILL into the classroom at any institution in the country. The project will also continue to support REUs and sponsor Facility-supported 20 hour projects in atmospheric science, electrical engineering and related disciplines.