REU Student Expectations

As a participant in the REU program, the student is expected to:

  1. participate in regular research group meetings,
  2. maintain a research log and web page,
  3. conduct experiments,
  4. write research project progress reports and submit an interim report,
  5. submit final research report and;
  6. give full presentation of the research results to project director, mentors, and REU peers.

In addition to the core research proposal writing and reporting, students will participate in activities workshops, laboratory tours, and field trips.

The REU Research Process

Once research topics are assigned, the REU student will go through the full research process to include, literature survey, writing a proposal, preparing and competing for a project budget, writing an interim progress report and a final report and giving a presentation in a conference setting. The philosophy of this program is to incorporate original thinking, team effort and project execution via hands-on research. REU student participants will be exposed to research skills relating to:

  • the operation of a state-of-the-art radar system
  • developing and building electromagnetic and electronic instrumentation for research
  • designing new experiments
  • conducting data analysis, including analytical techniques such as signal processing and image processing
  • the critical interpretation of radar images (image processing)
  • the careful documentation of research results