Linear Systems Analysis

Textbook: A. V. Oppenheim and A. S. Willsky, Signals and Systems, 2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1996.

Anchoring concept: Filtering and modulation

  • Modulation, demodulation, and their implementations
  • Filter design basics
  • Nonlinear signal processing examples
  • Adaptive algorithms
  • Channel sharing basics

Electronics Principles

Textbook: Electronics II, booklet, prepared by Tom Chen; Fundamentals of Microelectronics by B. Razavi, Wiley

Anchoring concept: CMOS OTA and OpAmp Design

  • Single-ended vs. differential signaling (Booklet pp. 111-119, Book Sections 10.1, 10.5)
  • CMOS differential pair (Booklet pp. 120-141, Book Section 10.3)
  • Telescopic amplifiers (Booklet pp. 169-174, Book Section 10.4)
  • Folded cascode differential amplifiers (Booklet pp. 176-183)
  • Common mode feedback (Booklet pp. 184-192)
  • CMOS OpAmps (Booklet pp. 165-168)


Textbook: Electromagnetics, Branislav M. Notaros, Pearson Prentice Hall)

Anchoring concept: Wave Reflection and Transmission

  • Normal Incidence on a Perfectly Conducting Plane (Section 10.1)
  • Normal Incidence on a Penetrable Planar Interface (Sections 10.2, 10.3, 10.4)
  • Oblique Incidence on a Perfect Conductor (Section 10.5)
  • Oblique Incidence on a Dielectric Boundary (Sections 10.7, 10.8)
  • Wave Propagation in Multilayer Media (Section 10.9)