ECE Grad Students Named Visiting Scholars at National Lab

URA Awardees

ECE graduate students Nihan Sipahi and Taylan Sipahi were each awarded $15,000 as part of the Universities Research Association (URA) Visiting Scholars Program at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). Both scholars are pursuing Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering at Colorado State under the guidance of ECE Professor Stephen Milton and Associate Professor Sandra Biedron.

The awards allow the duo to spend a year at Fermilab conducting research on high-average power electron accelerator developments and electromagnetic simulations of target systems for high-energy physics experiments. Such work is critical to discovery science, where accelerators are used as tools to drive innovation in fields such as energy and the environment, medicine, and defense and security.

Earlier this year, Colorado State gained entry into the URA for its particle physics and accelerator work. A consortium of 89 leading universities, the URA - in conjunction with the University of Chicago - forms the Fermi Research Alliance, which manages the federal laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.

"Because CSU is now part of the URA community, our students are able to participate in new opportunities, travel abroad, and gain invaluable experience working at a premier particle physics laboratory," said Biedron. "We are proud of Nihan and Taylan. Their recognition for scholarly excellence is just one fruitful outcome of the University's important connection with the URA."

About the Award Recipients

Nihan Sipahi earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering physics from Ankara University in Turkey. She also conducted work in Sweden during her studies. After spending a year in the physics department at Umea University, Nihan completed undergraduate and graduate internships on Radio Frequency (RF) cavity measurements at the MAX-lab accelerator laboratory at Lund University. She also attended many particle accelerator schools in the United States and Europe. Nihan is now working on high power electron sources for her doctoral studies.

Taylan Sipahi also earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering physics from Ankara University. He spent his third undergraduate year at Umea University, and completed undergraduate and graduate internships at MAX-Lab, primarily focused on RF electron sources. As part of Taylan's undergraduate and graduate studies, he visited many accelerator laboratories and attended international particle accelerator schools. Taylan is now working on X-band RF cavities for his Ph.D. degree.

About Fermilab

Scientists have used Fermilab's suite of particle beams produced by the lab's accelerators to examine matter, energy, space, and time and how they relate to the physical universe to try to gain a better understanding of the elementary components of matter and the fundamental forces through which they interact.

Located in Batavia, Ill., Fermilab is a global center of particle physics research. The lab runs the nation's largest complex of particle accelerators, used by thousands of scientists from across the country and around the world for particle physics experiments.

The lab is collaborating with its European sister lab, CERN, in a search for new physical phenomena using the Large Hadron Collider, and is in the planning stages to host an international facility to investigate the properties of neutrinos and their role in the universe.