Professor Milton to Teach at CERN Accelerator School in Italy

Milton Head Shot

Dr. Stephen V. Milton, who joined the ECE department this spring, will be teaching and participating in the joint United States-CERN-Japan-Russia School on Particle Accelerators in Erice, Italy in April 2011.

This joint school brings together the world's experts to learn the newest techniques in accelerator science and technology, with the ultimate goal of fostering a collaborative atmosphere among the accelerator communities of the four regions in scholarly work, both writing and teaching. This year's focus is Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Lasers.

The CERN Accelerator School was established in 1983 with the main purpose of preserving and transmitting knowledge accumulated, at CERN and elsewhere, on particle accelerators and colliders of all kinds.

Prior to joining Colorado State, Milton was the director of the 155M Euro FERMI@Elettra Free-Electron Laser project in Italy, during which time he concurrently served as a senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory.