Senior Design Team Invents Award-Winning Product

Senior Design Team

What started as a collaborative senior design project between the ECE and Theatre departments has now resulted in Keystroke, an award-winning commercially licensed product. In October, Keystroke, formerly known as RAMBox, was honored as Projection Product of the Year at the 2006 International Live Design Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Receiving outstanding reviews at the competition, one judge commented, "Keystroke is definitely a little piece of genius."

Keystroke was created and developed three years ago at Colorado State University by a team of cross-disciplinary undergraduate students led by ECE Professor John Mahan and former Theatre Professor Barry Cleveland. The product, which was licensed by Rosco Laboratories in 2005, is a software and hardware solution designed to run theatre stage effects by controlling Windows-based computer programs - PowerPoint presentations, sound cues, etc. - from a DMX lighting control board. Because it is a cost-effective solution, Keystroke will allow modest-budget theatre designers and events specialists to significantly upgrade their projection-design capabilities.

"Keystroke is the result of a consummate senior design project," said Tony Maciejewski, ECE department head. "The project combined all the important components that we like to see in a design experience - it's cross-disciplinary, entrepreneurial, and innovative." He added, "It is an exciting achievement for our students to develop a unique product that is licensed and marketed to consumers."

The original senior design team continues to follow the success of Keystroke. Four team members, along with Professors Mahan and Cleveland, attended the conference in Las Vegas to accept the design award.