Graduate Exam Abstract

Cheng Guo

Ph.D. Qualifying
November 13, 2020, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
N/A - qualifying exam

Abstract: qualifying exam

Adviser: Anthony Maciejewski
Co-Adviser: Agnieszka Miguel
Non-ECE Member: Asa Ben-Hur, Dept of CS
Member 3: Ali Pezeshki, Dept of ECE
Addional Members: N/A


Publications to be Reviewed:
Mask R-CNN

Automatically identifying, counting, and describing wild animals in camera-trap images with deep learning

Program of Study:
ECE455, Intro to Robot Program/Sim
ECE55, Advanced Robotics
ECE666, Topics in Robotics
CS545, Machine Learning
CS440, Intro-Artificial Intelligence
ECE520, Optimization-Control & Comm
ECE512, Digital Signal Processing
GRAD 550, STEM Communication