ECE Faculty Graduate Students

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Dr. Mario C Marconi


Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
Jorge R. Torga. "Study of the rotational diffusion in fluorescent molecules with a double short laser pulse excitation". Buenos Aires University. 1999.
Ariel Libertun. "Generation, characterization and applications of ultra short laser pulses". Buenos Aires University. 2002.
Maria Gabriela Capeluto. "Non linear effects applied to microscopy". Buenos Aires University.
Guillermo Frank. "Measuring diffusion times in super cooled solutions by the FRAP technique". Buenos Aires University.

M.S. Students
Jose G. Tischler. "Design, construction and test of amplifier stages for dye lasers". 1994.
Ariel Libertun. "Generation of ultrashort pulses and ultrafast measuring techniques". 1996.
Denisse Sciamarella. "Study of a grating interferometer for the measurement of the linewidth in X ray lasers".1997.
Jorge Filevich. "Design and testing of a XR interferometer". 2000.
Bernardo Suarez. "Time resolved absorption measurement in the picosecond time scale " 2002.
Maria Gabriela Capeluto. "Two photon fluorescence microscope". 2002
Laura Estrada. "Detection of single molecules by fluorescence". 2004
Marina Verruno. "Multilayer design in the region between 20 and 50 nm". 2004