ECE Faculty Graduate Students

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Dr. Mahmood R Azimi-Sadjadi


Graduate Students

Ph.D. Dissertation Completed:

Nick Klausner," "Detection of Multiple Correlated Time Series and its Application in Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imagery", Summer 2014.

Neil Wachowski," "Characterization of Multiple Time-Varying Transient Sources from Multivariate Data Sequences", Fall 2013.

Wenbing Dang, "Signal Design for Active Sensing", Co-Advisor, Fall 2013.

Jaime Salazar, "Adaptable Text and Image Retrieval Systems Using Relevance Feedback", Ph.D., Thesis, August 2006.

Ali Pezeshki, "Two-Channel Signal Processing in Canonical Coordinates", Ph.D., Thesis, October 2004.

Sang-Hoon Seo, "2-D Filter-Based Disparity Estimation and Compensation Schemes for Stereo Image Compression", Ph.D., Thesis, December 1998.

Young-Hoon Kim, "Blind Interference Cancellation in Wireless Digital Communication Systems", Ph.D., Thesis , October 1998.

Bin Tian, "A Temporal Updating Scheme for Probabilistic Neural Networks with Applications to Cloud Data Classification from Satellite Imagery", Ph.D. Thesis, September 1998.

Mohammed Hasan, "New Time Delay Estimation Schemes for Underwater Target Detection", Ph.D. Thesis, November 1997.

Sonia Charleston, "Interference Cancellation in Respiratory Sounds Via A Multi-Resolution Joint Time Delay and Signal Estimation Scheme", Ph.D., Thesis, November 1996.

Ren J. Liou, "Automatic Target Detection and Classification in Forward Looking Infrared Systems using Neural Networks", Ph.D., Thesis, May 1993.

Sassan Sheedvash, "Issues in Training and Architectural Variations in Multi-Layer Neural Networks", Ph.D., Thesis, January 1992.

M.S. Thesis Completed:

J. Kopaz, "Optimal Dictionary Learning with Application to Underwater Target Detection From Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imagery", Spring 2014.

A. Aboudan, "Acoustic Monitoring System for Frog Population Estimation", Summer 2013.

A. Dinstel, " Wideband Near-Field Array Signal Processing using Sparse Representation Framework", M.Sc. Thesis, Fall 2012.

S. Kolouri, "Acoustic Tomography of Atmosphere Using Iterated Unscented Kalman Filter", M.Sc. Thesis, Summer 2012.

N. Klausner, "Underwater Target Detection using Multiple Disparate Sonar Platforms", M.Sc. Thesis, July 2010.

M. Kabatek, " Block-Based Detection Methods for Underwater Target Detection and Classification from Electro-Optical Imagery", M.Sc. Thesis, May 2010.

M. McCarron, " Rapid Transmission Loss Prediction using an Operationally Adaptive System", M.S. Thesis, Summer 2009.

D. Tucker, "Coherence-Based Underwater Target Detection for Side-Scan Sonar Imagery", M.S. Thesis, Spring 2009.

N. Wachowski, "New Acoustic Color and Synthetic Aperture Sonar Processing Methods using Coherence Analysis", M.S. Thesis, Spring 2009.

N. Roseveare, "Wideband Direction of Arrival Estimation Methods for Unattended Acoustic Sensors, M.S. Thesis, Fall 2007.

B. D. Thompson, "Multi-Channel Coherence Analysis for Feature Extraction with Applications to Buried Underwater Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, Spring 2007.

J.C. Cartmill, "A Collaborative Multi-Aspect Classifier with Application to Buried Underwater Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, Summer 2006.

G. Wichern, "Adaptive Methods for Rapid Acoustic Transmission Loss Prediction in the Atmosphere", M.S. Thesis, Spring 2006.

A. Falcone, "Canonical Coordinate Feature Extraction for Cloud Classification and Analysis", M.S. Thesis, June 2005.

M. Yamada, "Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multi-Class Feature Extraction with Applications", M.S. Thesis, April 2005.

K. Srinivasan, "Different Iterative Relevance Feedback Learning Algorithms for Text and Image Retrieval Systems", M.S. Thesis, November 2004.

M. Robinson, "Different Multi-Aspect Fusion Systems for Underwater Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, February 2003.

J. Wang, "Cloud Classification and Cloud-Base Height Estimation Using Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, August 2002.

A. Jamshidi, "An Adaptive Underwater Target Classification System with a Decision Feedback Mechanism ", M.S. Thesis, March 2002.

K. Saitwal, "A Multi-Channel Temporally Adaptive System For Continuous Cloud Classification From GOES-8 Satellite Imagery ", M.S. Thesis, October 2001.

D. Li, "Studies of Different Paradigms for Underwater Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, July 2000.

De Yao, "A Biologically Inspired Adaptive Underwater Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, November 1999.

Xi Yu, "Neural Network Directed Bayes Decision Rule for Moving Target Classification", M.S. Thesis, December 1998.

Qiang Huang, "Underwater Target Classification using Wavelet Packets and Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, July 1998.

Laura Yuan, "Underwater Target Detection using Multi-Channel Sub-band Adaptive Filtering and High-Order Correlation Schemes", M.S. Thesis, November 1997.

Mukhtiar Shaike, "Detection and Classification of Cloud Satellite Data using Textural and Spectral Features", M.S. Thesis, September 1996.

Chun-Ta Chen, "Adaptive Wave-Net for Signal Representation", M.S. Thesis, May 1996.

Xi Miao, "Target Detection and Classification from Multi-Spectral Optical Imagery Using Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, March 1995.

Ayman Ibrahim, "A Fast Learning Algorithm for Gabor Transform with Applications to Image Data Reduction and Pattern Classification", M.S. Thesis, April 1994.

Ron Holland, "Recurrent Neural Network-Based Controllers for Engine Control", M.S., Plan B, May 1994.

James Parker , "PID, Kalman Estimator and Neural Network Controllers for Engine Control", M.S. Plan B, April 1994.

Lin Xu, "Two-Dimensional Image Modeling using Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, September 1993.

Mohammad Hassan, "Non-causal Modeling of Images using Descriptor Approach", M.S. Thesis, November 1992.

Ajay Balan, "Adaptive Image Processing using Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, October 1992.

Sami Bannour, "Principal Component Extraction using Recursive Least Squares Learning", M.S. Thesis, April 1992.

Scott Stricker, "Landmine Detection and Classification using Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, March 1992.

Hongye Pan, "Two-Dimensional Block Diagonal LMS Adaptive Filtering", M.S. Thesis, November 1991.

Saleem Ghaloum, "Terrain Classification in SAR Images using Principal Components Analysis and Neural Networks", M.S. Thesis, September 1991.

Margo Lapanse, "Model Reference Adaptive Control Systems", M.S. Plan B, June 1991.

Stuart Citrin, "A Full-Plane Block Kalman Filtering for Image Estimation ", M.S. Thesis, June 1990.

Tongxin Lu, "Implementations, Algorithm and Architectures for 2-D Recursive Filtering", M.S. Thesis, July 1988.

Ping W. Wong, "Two-Dimensional Block Kalman Filtering for Image Restoration", M.S. Thesis, May 1986.