ECE Faculty Graduate Students

Biedron Photo

Dr. Sandra G Biedron


Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
- Nihan Sipahi, M.S. - in progress (Novel coherent long-wavelength devices; High-average power electron beams)
- Taylan Sipahi, M.S. - in progress (X-band RF devices and use; Magnetic horns for neutrino production)
- Philip Huffman, M.S., P.E. - in progress (Advanced controls of lasers)
- Auralee Edelen - in progress (Artificial intelligence based controls)
- Joel Williams - in progress (Non-invasive diagnostics for high-average power electron beams; Advanced phase space manipulation of electron beams)
- Josh Einstein - in progress (Low-level RF controls systems; Compact free-electron lasers)
- Jorge Diaz Cruz - in progress (Low-level RF controls systems)
- Christopher Hall, Ph.D. 2016, Colorado State University, "Study of Collective Beam Effects in Energy Recovery Linac Driven Free Electron Lasers."
- Jonathan Edelen, Ph.D. 2015, Colorado State University, "Theory and Mitigation of Electron Back-Bombardment in Thermionic Cathode Radio Frequency Guns."
- Evelyne Meier, Ph.D. 2011 Monash University, "Optimization of Linear Accelerator Performance for Single-pass Free-electron Laser Operation."
- Mathew Virgo, Ph.D. 2010 University of Maryland, "Prediction Regarding the Performance of Field Emission Cathodes in Radio Frequency Guns."

M.S. Students
- James Santucci - in progress (Advanced RF resonance control)
- Alexander D'Audney, M.S. 2016."An Ultra-High Resolution Pulsed-Wire Magnet Measurement System."
- Karen Horovitz, M.S. 2015, "Suppression of Higher-Order Harmonics in FEL Systems."
- Jonathan Edelen, M.S. 2014, "Design and Simulation of the Colorado State University Linear Accelerator System."
- Theodore Burleson, M.S. 2013, "Pillbox Cavity Beadpull Project."