ECE Faculty Funded Research

Chandrasekar Photo

Dr. V Chandrasekar

University Distinguished Professor

Funded Research

  • "Plantenna" or a plant made to function as an antenna (DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO))
  • Analysis of Radar Antenna Patterns (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR))
  • CIMD Peer Study (Arizona State University)
  • Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees Peer Study Group (Arizona State University)
  • Development of an Auxiliary Signal Processor for a Multiparameter Radar (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR))
  • ERC: The Center for Collaborative Adapative Sensing of the Atmosphere (University of Massachusetts )
  • Feasibility Study of Networked Radar Deployment in Colombia for Hydrologic Application (National University of Colombia )
  • Houston Test Bed -- Solid State Radar Development Project (University of Massachusetts )
  • Information Technology Research: Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery (Large ITR) (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • ITR/AP Sensor Fusion & Networking of Radars for Multiple Doppler & In-situ Observations (Medium ITR) (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • K-12 CASA Conference (University of Massachusetts )
  • Kinematic & Microphysical Structure of Deep Convection During CAPE: Radar Analysis (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Methodology to Analyze Space-Time Coincident Satellite Measurements and System Engineering Principles for GPM-GV... (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin. )
  • Morphology of Polarimetric Signatures in Winter Storms Using the CSU - CHILL Radar (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • On Site Analysis of CSU-ASP (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR))
  • Polarimetric Radar Observations of Precipitation: Measurements, Analysis, Modeling & Retrievals (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Radar Studies in Airborne Systems (Univ. Corp. for Atmospheric Research (UCAR))
  • Radar Studies Using Pulse Compression Including Airborne Systems (Univ. Corp. for Atmospheric Research (UCAR))
  • Radar Support Analysis for ABFM (University of Alabama)
  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Electrical Engineering Focused Around the CSU-CHILL National Radar Facility and the ITR Program (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Statistical Framework for Utilization of Radar Data in Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (University of Iowa)
  • Student Support in the Area of Atmospheric Technology (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR))
  • Study of Polarimetric Signatures in Winter & Spring Time Storms Using the CSU-CHILL Radar (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Program (Arizona State University)
  • TRMM Precipitation Radar & Microphysics: Interpretation & Precipitation Estimation (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin.)
  • Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Ground Validation (University of Iowa)
  • Undergraduate Peer Study Group (CIMD) (Arizona State University)
  • Utilization of Radar Data in TRMM (University of Iowa)
  • Virtual Colorado State University (CSU) CHILL National Radar Facility (DoD - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA))