ECE Faculty Funded Research

Bringi Photo

Dr. V N Bringi

Research Scientist/Scholar

Funded Research

  • Advanced Hydrometeor Identification of Severe Storms During STEPS (Severe Thunderstorms, Electrification, and Precipitation Studies) (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Advanced Polarimetric Measurements & Analysis (DoD-USAF-Air Force)
  • Analysis of Dual-Polarization (ZDR) Radar Measurements (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Applications of Differential Reflectivity Radar Measurements to SESAME (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • ARO - Microwave Remote Sensing (DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO))
  • C-Band Polarimetric Radar Studies During CLEOPATRA (Cloud Experiment Oberpfaffenhofen &...) (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • CaPE Radar/Aircraft Analysis (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • CASA ERC: The Center for Collaborative Adapative Sensing of the Atmosphere (University of Massachusetts )
  • Center for Geosciences (DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO))
  • Comparative Studies of Raindrop Size Distribution Using a Disdrometer and the Differential Reflectivity Technique (NATO)
  • Coordinated Analysis of Fully Polarimetric CSU-CHILL Radar Signatures with Surface (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Correlation Properties of Differential Reflectivity and Their Implications in Radar Meteorology (DoD-USAF-Air Force)
  • Development of a High Performance Offset Gregorian Antenna for the CSU-CHILL National Radar (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Electromagnetic Scattering Properties of Hydrometeors and Their Application to Radar Meteorology (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Engineering Research Center: The Center for Collaborative Adapative Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Improving NEXRAD Precipitation Estimates (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Improving TRMM Ground Validation & Field Campaign Goals Using Polarimetric Radar Analyses With SITU Ground-Based and Aircraft Precipitation Measurements. (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin.)
  • Indo-U.S. Discussion Meeting on Atmospheric Technology (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • ITR/AP Sensor Fusion & Networking of Radars for Multiple Doppler & In-situ Observations (National Science Foundation (NSF) )
  • Joint Analysis of Aircraft and Radar Polarization Measurements (DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO))
  • Ka Band Propagation Studies Using ACTS Terminal & CSU-CHILL Radar (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin.)
  • Melting Studies Using Dual-Polarization Radar (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Microphysical Studies of Precipitation Using the Advanced, Polarimetric DFVLR Radar (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Microwave Radiative Transfer Studies in Convective Storms During SPACE (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin.)
  • Microwave Radiative Transfer Studies of Precipitation (NASA - Natl Aeronautics and Space Admin.)
  • Multi-parameter Radar Studies of Precipitation during MAYPOLE '84 (National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR))
  • Multiparameter Radar & Aircraft-Based Studies of the Microphysical, Kinematic & Elec... (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Multiparameter Radar Estimation of Raindrop Size Distributions (DoD-ARMY - Army Research Office (ARO))
  • Multiple Scattering of Centimeter and Millimeter Waves in Precipitation Filled Media (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA))
  • Polarimetric Radar Observations of Precipitations: Measurements, Analysis & Modeling (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) )
  • Rainfall Studies Using the Differential Reflectivity Radar Technique (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • The CSU-CHILL Radar Facility (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Ultrasonic Attenuation due to Multiple Scattering in Biological Media (Colorado State University Biomedical Research)
  • Utilizing CP-2 Multiparameter Radar Data in MIST (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Utilizing CP-2 Multiparameter Radar Data in the Study of Microburst & Non - Microburst... (National Science Foundation (NSF))
  • Validation of Polarimetric Radar Signatures Using the 2D-Video Disdrometer (DoD-USAF-Air Force)
  • Workshop on Development of Multi - Parameter Doppler Meteorological Radar System... (National Science Foundation (NSF))