Graduate Program Requirements

Program Requirements

The department offers master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in electrical engineering or computer engineering. Program requirements are outlined below.

Degree Program Regular* Course Credit Requirements Thesis/Dissertation/Independent-Study Credits Advising
(M.S. earned)
15 - 18
(Note 1)
24 ECE799 Faculty mentor.
(Note 2)
Ph.D. 72 credits
(no M.S. earned)
(Note 1)
33 ECE699 and/or ECE799 Faculty mentor.
(Note 2)
M.S. Plan A 21 9 ECE699 Faculty Mentor
M.S. Plan B
(Coursework Only)
32 Not Applicable Faculty Mentor
(Note 3)
M.S. Plan B
(with project)
27 plus 3 Independent Study 3 ECE695 (Note 3)
M.E. 30 Not Applicable Graduate Curriculum Committee Chairperson

(Updated Summer 2014)

* Courses not accepted as "regular" include all courses ending in 82-99 (e.g. 682, 799, etc).

Note 1: Students who have had their Ph.D. research, which was performed while enrolled at CSU, and who have had accepted at least two full papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals or conference publications may fill out an Independent Study Form listing citations and validating documentation. The form must be approved by the student's Ph.D. Adviser, and then submitted to the department Academic Advisor for committee review and approval.

Note 2: All Ph.D. students are considered provisional by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering until they successfully complete an oral Qualifying Examination. This examination must be completed before the end of the third semester following admission. An advisory committee must be established before a qualifying examination can be attempted.

Note 3: In the Plan B Masters there are two ways to determine the program of study.

  1. The student can self-advise and select whatever courses are desired, consistent with the program requirements as outlined in the Department's Graduate Student Handbook. Please see the Recommended Courses by ECE Topic Area for appropriate courses to take based on the various ECE topic areas.
  2. If a student wishes to pursue the project version of the Plan B then they must secure the agreement of a faculty member to supervise the required three (3) credits of ECE695 - Independent Study.

For students pursuing the coursework only option, the Department's Graduate Committee will serve as the student's advisory committee. When a student has the agreement of a faculty member to act as their advisor for a project/Independent-Study, the student will be responsible for constituting the committee in accordance with the requirements of the Department's Graduate Student Handbook.

Note 4: All ECE M.S. Plan A, M.S. Plan B, and Ph.D. students must attend ten seminars in ECE or related science and engineering departments during the course of their program. For students completing both the M.S. and Ph.D. program at CSU, a total of ten seminars are required during the student’s graduate program.