ECEGSA Virtual Research Series

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In a time of online learning, the ECE Graduate Student Association has launched our first-ever virtual research series to keep you engaged, connected, and informed. We invite you to join us for a live episode via Microsoft Teams or watch the archived interviews available on this page.

Episode 1: ECE Professor Edwin Chong, Acting Department Head

April 17

Prof. Chong touches on a range of topics, including memories of his high school days and tips on how to succeed as a graduate student.

Episode 2: Christopher Robbiano and Patrick Stockton, ECE Ph.D. Students

April 22

Christopher Robbiano’s current research projects include autonomous vehicle navigation and sequential methods for detection and classification of objects. Patrick Stockton’s work focuses on reconstructing 3D objects using tomographic imaging of fluorescent probes with a single pixel detector.

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Episode 3: Gunjan Mahindre, ECE Ph.D. Student

April 29

Gunjan Mahindre's research interests include social network analysis, data recovery from partial measurements, compact representation of large datasets, machine learning, and graph theory.

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