Energy Engineering

The Energy Engineering Interdisciplinary Minor is designed to provide students in engineering and the sciences with an understanding of renewable and non-renewable energy systems:

  • clean energy technologies;
  • basic principles of operation of energy extraction, conversion, storage and transmission systems;
  • and depth in current and new energy methods and applications (e.g., PV, batteries, biofuels…).

The goal of the program is to empower engineers and scientists to be technological catalysts for sustainable solutions to the grand challenges of energy.

The interdisciplinary minor requires completion of 22-24 credits, with at least 12 credits greater than or equal to 300-level courses. All undergraduates are required to complete 5 credits of core courses and a 3 credit science elective. The remaining 14-16 credits of technical electives are chosen according to the student’s major and interests.

Please note:

The Energy Engineering minor is not currently accepting new students or applications.

Current energy engineering students can contact:. 

Shannon Wagner
Academic Support Coordinator
Phone: (970) 491-0716


Download the requirements checklist for the Energy Engineering Minor here.