Walter Scott, Jr. Graduate Fellowship

The Walter Scott, Jr. Graduate Fellowships attract exceptional students, aiming to enhance the College’s research and teaching programs. Fellowships may go to graduate students in any of the College’s five departments, and are awarded based on academic merit.

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2017-18 Recipients

 Name  Department
Kevin Barry Atmospheric Science
Zachary Bruick Atmospheric Science
Peter Chen Mechanical Engineering
Carsten Dietvorst Electrical and Computer Engineering
Omar Nofal Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anik Faisal Mechanical Engineering
Justin Gangwish Biomedical Engineering
Shijian Gao Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mason Garfield Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sohaib Habiballa Chemical and Biological Engineering
Erin Johnson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jhordanne Jones Atmospheric Science
Marissa Karpack Civil and Environmental Engineering
Vanesa Lopez Ambrosio Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kirsten Mayer Atmospheric Science
Alexander Meadows Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kathryn Moore Atmospheric Science
Adam Moreau Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chaehyeon Nam Atmospheric Science
Matthew Pauly Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alec Richardson Biomedical Engineering
Seth Siefken Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jiefeng Sun Mechanical Engineering
Sean Walters Mechanical Engineering
Dafu Wang Chemical and Biological Engineering
Shumei Yin Mechanical Engineering