PLI Graduation Requirements

11 Workshops:

Ethics – 3 Workshops
Will enable students to understand their ethical responsibility and to act with integrity. Topics include academic integrity, an introduction to business ethics, and ethics in engineering.

Cultural Adaptability – 2 Workshops
Will enable students to collaborate well with globally diverse teams. These sessions will increase your understanding of the global economy and workforce, as well as your understanding and appreciation of individual and cultural differences.

Innovation – 2 Workshops
Will enable students to work creatively to provide innovative engineering solutions. Topics covered include identifying opportunities for innovation and continually developing their innovation skills, in addition to panels with leading industry innovators.

Leadership – 2 Workshops
Will enable students to develop sound leadership in professional, personal, and societal settings. Sessions covered include project and time management, and also include leadership topics, identified by industry, as keys to success in the engineering field. The topics covered include teamwork, differences in leadership styles, and situational leadership, in addition to a panel where industry leaders discuss how to demonstrate leadership in the workplace.

Civic & Public Engagement – 2 Workshops
Will enable students to use their engineering skills to create positive global, economic, environmental, and social change. Topics covered include the importance of service learning, testimonials from students, and participation in service learning activities.

Obtaining Credit:

To receive credit, you must do both of the following:

  • Students must attend the entire workshop and be checked-in via your Student ID by Engineering Success Center Staff. Staff will upload student attendance within 24 hours. You do NOT need to have attendance showing to have access to the online evaluation. If you come late or leave early, you will not receive credit.
  • Submit an online evaluation for the workshop. The workshop list will include a link for the evaluation, which must be successfully completed by 11:59pm MST, the day of the session.  The presenter will allot 15 minutes at the end of the session for Evaluations to be completed. Please bring a computer, tablet, or smartphone to complete the evaluation.  If you are checked in but do not complete the evaluation, you will not receive credit.

For questions regarding waivers & appeals, please stop by the Engineering Success Center in Scott 102.