How to Get a PLI Credit

The general process is outlined below. Please stop by the Engineering Success Center for more information

  1. Students pre-register for a PLI Career Readiness session on the Engineering Success Center website.
  2. If students can’t pre-register (i.e., the session is “FULL“), students may attend on a space-available basis and still receive credit.
  3. Student must attend the entire workshop and be checked-in via your Student ID by Engineering Success Center Staff. Staff will upload student attendance within one business day. You do NOT need to have attendance showing to have access to the online evaluation.
  4. Students then access the online evaluation via the link sent to your rams email account or via the register and evaluate workshop page on the Engineering Success Center website:
    • Go to the workshop list (see link on the right side of this page).
    • Find the workshop you attended (they remain in order by date, oldest to newest).
    • In the right-hand column, session name and info, you will see a link entitled Evaluate.
    • Click on the link to evaluate the workshop you attended. You will receive credit only for workshops you both attend and evaluate.
  5. Print the evaluation confirmation page for your records.
  6. Evaluations for standard PLI Career Readiness Sessions must be completed by 11:59pm MST, the day of the session.
    • The presenter will allot 15 minutes at the end of the session for Evaluations to be completed. Please bring a computer, tablet, or smartphone to complete the evaluation.
    • Evaluation credit will NOT be immediately uploaded to your account. Staff will update your evaluation credit within one business day.
  7. If there’s an issue (i.e., you cannot access the Evaluation), you need to contact the Engineering Success Center immediately! We cannot extend the evaluation due date if you forgot to evaluate the session.
  8. Direct questions to