Engineering Days 2017 Winners Announced

Engineering Days took place on CSU campus April 13-15, 2017, with the Senior Design Showcase occurring April 14. At the Friday evening banquet, the winning teams were announced:

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

1. CSU Brewery Design and Automation
2. Team Brown
3. Electrospinning of Demineralized Bone Matrix

Department of Mechanical Engineering

1. IREC (Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competion Team)
2. Colorado State Forest Service Nursery Seedling Conveyor
3. CSU Baja SAE Team

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

1. ASCE Steel Bridge
2. Concrete Canoe
3. CSU Hydro-Analytics

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1. BioBox: Environmentally Regulated Bioanalysis Chamber
2. Electronics for EUV Laser
3. Electromagnetic Measurements and Medical Applications (EMMA)

School of Biomedical Engineering

1. Paper-Based Microfluidic Device for Global Health
2. Bone Matrix Airbrushing
3. Fourier Pytchographic Microscopy
4. Blood Flow and Cell Sedimentation Simulations

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