2016 College of Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards announced

The recipients of 11 college awards were announced during the all-college meeting on Thursday, November 10th. Congratulations to those who received an award!

Faculty Awards:

George T. Abell Outstanding Economic Development: Thomas Chen

"Over his 25 years of tenure at CSU, Tom has had a very strong relationship with local tech industry...and is a champion in developing interdisciplinary research and education programs, especially in the area of biomedical engineering."

George T. Abell Outstanding Research Faculty Award: Jeffrey Collett, Jr.

"Jeff is recognized both nationally and internationally for his ground-breaking research in air quality, reactive nitrogen deposition, agricultural ammonia, and fog and dew chemistry, and recently led the high-profile and well received Colorado study of emissions associated with the oil and gas industry. His research achievements are all the more remarkable as they are simultaneous with his exceptional service and leadership as Department Head of Atmospheric Science."

George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching & Service Faculty Award: Olivera Notaros

"Olivera is an inspiring and creative teacher, a superbly organized coordinator of student design projects, and a proactive leader in ECE outreach to industry and the community."

George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching & Service Faculty Award: Christie Peebles

"'Dr. Peebles is one of the best instructors I have ever had.' 'She is genuinely interested in what is best for her students.' 'Such a cool professor! Really down-to-earth.' Christie has also mentored scores of undergraduate and high school students, and has worked tirelessly as the principal mentor to the university’s iGEM team."

George T. Abell Outstanding Early-Career Faculty Award: Elizabeth Barnes

"Libby has established superlative records in research, teaching, and service and is widely recognized as the world’s top young large scale atmospheric dynamicist. She is an international superstar, scholar and award-winning teacher, and an outstanding role model for our graduate students."

George T. Abell Outstanding Mid-Career Faculty Award: Mazdak Arabi

"Mazdak has established an exceptional record of achievement in scholarship and education. He built the successful eRams technology and data center for management of land, water, and energy resources, envisioning how Big Data could be used to provide solutions to a variety of problems. Mazdak also has an exceptional ability to conceptualize and develop large scale, interdisciplinary projects."

Art Corey Outstanding International Contributions: Liuqing Yang

"Liuqing has coordinated multiple educational and research partnership agreements and five signed international memoranda of understanding (IMoUs) with universities in China, as well as initiating a 2+2 BS degree program between CSU and Huazhong University of Science and Technology."

College of Engineering Meritorious Faculty Emeritus: V. N. Bringi

"After retiring in December 2012, Prof. Bringi has been a tireless advocate for his colleagues and successors at CSU, working with them on a daily basis and helping them write research grant proposals, interact with program directors at funding agencies, conduct research projects, write journal and conference papers, carry out field campaigns, and supervise students and research scientists."

Outstanding Staff Awards:

Administrative Professional: Jim Jensen

"...for his 'phenomenal' work in development of the on-line research financial tool, Symphony."

Administrative Professional: Melissa Reese

"Melissa has shined as our staff leader, going above and beyond to advance the department, support and advocate for our staff, and contribute to the campus community."

Administrative Professional Researcher: Steven Miller

"...for his outstanding leadership skills and scientific contributions...he is leading the way in next-generation satellite remote sensing systems, with a focus on low-light sensing of the nocturnal environment."

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