2015 College of Engineering Faculty and Staff Awards announced

The recipients of nine college awards were announced during the all-college meeting on Tuesday, November 3rd. Congratulations to those who received an award!

Faculty Awards:

George T. Abell Outstanding Economic Contributions: Carmen Menoni

"Professor Menoni has brought great honor, visibility, and funding to CSU, and the economic impact of her work is tremendous. As one of the leading women in her field – and shining stars in the university – she is not only an excellent researcher and mentor, she plays a significant role in the college as a leader in economic development through innovation and invention."

George T. Abell Outstanding Research Faculty Award: Steven Reising

"Professor Reising is among the most productive researchers in the College of Engineering. He is internationally acclaimed for his research on microwave remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere."

George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching & Service Faculty Award: Peter Young

"Professor Young has established a reputation as an inspirational teacher at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and a pioneer in the online learning space. His work impacts our students on many levels, from academic performance to overall retention."

George T. Abell Outstanding Early-Career Faculty Award: Christopher Snow

"Chris' research breakthroughs in the area of protein crystal synthesis have potential applications including catalysis, drug delivery, next-generation photovoltaics, sensing, synthetic biofluids, and polymersynthesis. He is a gifted educator and scholar, and has a strong professional service record. Chris’ accomplishments are truly outstanding and place him among the top of the early career faculty in our College."

George T. Abell Outstanding Mid-Career Faculty Award: Karan Venayagamoorthy

"Karan’s achievements in research, teaching and service are truly outstanding, especially for someone at a mid-academic career level. Karan is an exceptional member of the College's faculty. Karan's numerous achievements also attest to his excellent potential for making continued seminal contributions in the areas of fluid mechanics and water engineering."

Art Corey Outstanding International Contributions: V. “Chandra” Chandrasekar

"Recognized as a world leader in his field, Professor Chandra's contributions span the globe. He provides international leadership in electrical and computer engineering and the atmospheric sciences. His reputation draws scholars from all over the world, and he has been the focal point of much positive publicity and recognition to CSU."

College of Engineering Faculty Achievement Award: Matthew Kipper

"Dr. Kipper leads a highly effective interdisciplinary research program. His work has made major contributions in the areas of new materials for wound healing and the use of polymeric materials for biomedical applications. Students consistently rate Dr. Kipper as one of the best instructors at CSU. He is highly regarded by his peers and is truly an emerging leader in COE."

Outstanding Staff Awards:

Administrative Professional: Stephanie Rosso

"Steph works as the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations for both ME and CEE. She is among the most dedicated employees we have in the college. She routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is so vital to the functioning of both departments."

Administrative Professional: Shannon Irey

"Shannon serves as a RPM in Atmospheric Sciences, with responsibility for 2 of the largest research programs. She plays a critical role in helping ATS faculty manage budgets, prepare research proposals and submissions, analysis of financial and staffing needs, and much more. Shannon has done superb work in every aspect of her job, catalyzing these successful research programs."

State Classified: Mary Gomez

"Mary is the trusted face of the Systems Engineering program to people and organizations across the US. It is Mary’s personal commitment to the Systems Engineering program and its people that motivates her 'above and beyond' levels of performance."

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