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Seven faculty members from Colorado State University's Department of Civil Engineering recently participated in the second joint symposium between Colorado State faculty and Korean alumni.

The symposium, which took place May 25-28, 2003, at Seoul National University, focused on recent water, wind and environmental civil engineering research issues concerning both Korea and the United States.

The 2003 symposium included sessions in water resources engineering, hydrology, hydraulics and environmental engineering, and hydro technology and wind engineering. In addition, attendees participated in a full-day field trip that included an overview of the Lower Han River and visits to the Unification Observatory and the Tidal barrier and Ecological Wetland Park in the Sihwa Reclamation Project.

Inspired by Dr. Hyoseop Woo, Vice President of the Korea Institute of Construction Technology,

  Korean Symposium

and Dr. Darrell Fontane, Colorado State civil engineering professor, the first joint symposium was held at Colorado State University in August of 2002.

"Our Korean alumni hold prestigious positions in the water sector of Korea. They are the leaders of the water resource agencies and of universities in Korea. The United States and Korea have common water resource and wind engineering problems. We look forward to working collaboratively to solve these problems for the mutual benefit of both Korea and the USA," Fontane said.

  Front row (left to right): Dooho Park (Ph.D. 2002, Agricultural Economics), Hung Soo Kim (Ph.D. 1997, Civil Engineering), Young Jun Kim (Ph.D. 1989, Economics), Seok-Ku Ko ( M.S. 1985, Ph.D. 1989, Civil Engineering), Darrell Fontane, Jung Ho Sonu (Ph.D. 1973, Civil Engineering), John Labadie, Jose Salas, Neil Grigg, Ick Hwan Ko (Ph.D. 1997, Civil Engineering). Back row: Jery Stedinger (friend of the department), Kyu-cheoul Shim (Ph.D. 1999, Civil Engineering), Dong Ryul Lee (friend of the department), Chang Wan Kim (friend of the department), Hyoseop Woo (Ph.D., 1985 Civil Engineering), Pierre Julien, Bogusz Bienkiewicz, Jorge Ramirez, Gye Woon Choi (Ph.D. 1991, Civil Engineering), Chea-Won Kim (friend of the department), Boosik Kang (Ph.D. candidate, Civil Engineering), Jun-Haeng Heo (Ph.D. 1990, Civil Engineering), Sungsu Lee (Ph.D. 1997, Civil Engineering), Jaeeung Yi (M.S. 1987, Ph.D. 1996, Civil Engineering) and Sung-Je Park (Ph.D. candidate, Civil Engineering).

The 2003 event was hosted by the local organizing committee of Colorado State Korean alumni with the goal of pursuing additional collaborative opportunities between CSU faculty members and Korean alumni. The symposium was sponsored by Myungji University, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Chungbuk National University, KwangJu Institute of Science and Technology Advanced Environmental Monitoring Research Center, and the Korea Institute of Construction Technology.

Civil Engineering faculty who attended the 2003 symposium were: Fontane, Bogusz Bienkiewicz, Neil Grigg, Pierre Julien, John Labadie, Jorge Ramirez and Jose Salas.

For more information on this year's symposium or future gatherings, contact Darrell Fontane at 970-491-5248 or

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