Addressing Global Water Needs

Global Water NeedsEngineers dive into water issues that inform and innovate efforts in water quality protection and treatment, regional resource planning, agricultural uses, and modeling of groundwater and river systems. The interdisciplinary approach at the CSU College of Engineering allows students to gain academic experiences and real-world opportunities in addressing worldwide water issues.

At CSU, engineers study water resources across departments to learn the principles and utility of civil and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, atmospheric science, electrical and computer engineering, and chemical and biological engineering. Working with professors from the entire university and industry practitioners, CSU engineers model river flows and project hydrologic shifts tied to climate change or population growth. We design treatment systems and monitoring programs to ensure safe and dependable water for people around the planet.

Faculty members are conducting research leading to cutting-edge technology to improve water resources management. New technology developed at CSU is being commercialized to create biosensor systems that recognize groundwater pollution and contamination, and to build graywater treatment systems that can reduce water use and even supply renewable energy. Water courses through CSU's history, and the College of Engineering is building on its impressive legacy to meet local and global water needs.

Water Issues Faculty