Developing Technologies and Systems to Benefit Society

Developing Technologies to Benefit SocietySocietal challenges require innovation and collaboration, and the College of Engineering is addresses global needs through explorations in many disciplines and new technology. Engineering departments connect students with professors and professional experts and prepare them to work across disciplines and industries.

Student teams and senior design projects have made discoveries that have led to patents, new products and technology, and startup companies, including a search-and-rescue robot and a wireless device that attaches to a wheelchair to automatically open doors. Studies in industrial and systems engineering prepare students for careers in teaching and education, transportation systems, health care systems, telecommunications networks, food and energy production and distribution, and combat threat analysis.

Faculty research explores nanotechnology, lasers, and other cutting-edge technology with applications in the biomedical industry and robotics. The College of Engineering emphasizes taking interdisciplinary research across colleges and departments into technology transfer and industrial applications that impact society in fields including energy, human health, and the environment

The College of Engineering is backed by superior research funding, including a record $65.4 million in research expenditures in 2012. Annual research spending per faculty has averaged more than $600,000, and invention and patent applications have doubled and tripled, respectively, in the last five years.

Faculty Developing Technologies