Improving Human Health

Improving Human HealthCollege of Engineering faculty and students are tackling pressing health needs around the globe. From groundbreaking cancer treatments and high-tech biomedical implants to innovations in food safety and cookstove technology that prevent illness to new waves of research in nanomedicine, CSU scientists are exploring the frontiers of engineering and human health.

We study and develop treatments for common and infectious diseases. We innovate cutting-edge technologies to improve environmental and human health. We pursue academic and industry collaborations to promote economic development. We attract a diverse mix of students and faculty from all over the country and the world.

Our programs integrate biological, physical, chemical, and mathematical sciences with engineering principles and clinical studies. Students and faculty dedicated to human health issues choose from degree programs in biomedical, environmental, chemical, electrical or civil engineering, and work across disciplines within the college.

Recognizing the need for biomedical engineering professionals to confront pressing human health challenges, the CSU College of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to foster the next generation of innovators in life sciences research and applied technologies.

A message from Stu Tobet, the Director of The School of Biomedical Engineering

Human Health Faculty