If you want to use the Clean Lab, follow these steps:

(1) Make sure that you have up to date Hazardous Waste Generator training from CSU’s Environmental Health Services.

(2) Print and fill out the Clean Lab User Agreement and give it to the Clean Lab Caretaker. The Caretaker will give you a user id and password to access the cleanroom website.

(3) Schedule general cleanroom training with the Caretaker. Upon successful completion of this training, the Caretaker will note your training in the website’s
user chart, and the card reader will be programmed to accept your swipe card. You may now enter the cleanroom, but you cannot use any of the equipment including microscopes or clean benches until you receive equipment specific training.

(4) Use the cleanroom website to determine individuals who are authorized to train you on specific pieces of equipment. Upon successful completion of equipment
specific training, the trainer will notify the Caretaker by email, and the Caretaker will update the user chart to show your trainer and training date. Only after the user chart shows that you are trained may you use the corresponding piece of equipment.

Please direct any questions about this procedure to the Clean Lab manager or Clean Lab Caretaker.