Zach Grennan - Internship Experience

Zach Grennan – Internship Experience

Zach Grennan

My name is Zach Grennan and I am studying Civil Engineering at Colorado State University. I graduate in May, 2018 and will be going to work for RockSol Consulting Group, Inc. based out of Westminster, Colorado. The past four years have been an incredible experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The knowledge gained from my coursework and internships has provided me with the necessary skills to become a successful engineer. I was fortunate enough to work as an intern for the summer after my sophomore year and the summer after junior year, which provided me with the opportunity for full time work after graduation.

Both of my internships were with RockSol Consulting, and the first summer was spent as a material testing technician trainee. The project I spent a majority of my time on was an intersection expansion at W 120 th Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Westminster, CO. I shadowed a certified materials testing technician to provide quality assurance for the contractor on the project. In addition to both field and laboratory testing experience, I was able to receive multiple testing certifications in the process. The experience on this project in being on site as well as attending meetings with the clients taught me real world skills that have helped me reach the point I am at today.

The second summer was spent working as an inspection intern for the reconstruction of Interstate 76 at US Highway 85 in Henderson, CO. Throughout the summer I assisted the other RockSol engineers on the project in completing quantity predictions, supervising construction and concrete paving, and attending various meetings with the contractor as well as CDOT engineers. The experience gained on this project was invaluable due to the complexity of the job, and the various aspects of road construction that I was able to witness. Overall, my internship experience has allowed me to succeed in both school and the professional world, and provided me with the first step in my career after graduation.