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Water and International Development – Courses

Water and International Development



Students in the WAID program complete either an MS or PhD degree from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as well the International Development Studies program through the Office of International Programs. Although students typically do not need to take more courses than what is required for a traditional MS or PhD degree, the courses must be selected to meet the requirements for both the degree and the IDS program. When students begin their studies in WAID, they should visit the Office of International Programs to enroll in IDS. During the last semester of their studies, they also need to submit the graduate check sheet and the additional requirements forms to the Office of International Programs (click here for the forms). Students who are admitted to the WAID program but do not have an undergraduate degree in engineering are required to take some additional undergraduate courses to bring their engineering background up to the required entry level.

Students can use engineering-related internships with development and relief agencies as the basis of their technical paper if they are seeking a non-thesis MS degree. Students can also use more extensive international experiences with an engineering component as the basis of an MS thesis.

The final choice of classes is made by the student with the approval of the advisor and thesis committee, but the courses must meet the requirements for both the desired Civil Engineering degree and the IDS program. Students are required to take both core classes listed below if they have not already taken an equivalent course. The lists of supporting engineering classes and other supporting classes provide examples of possible electives.

Core Classes
CIVE 525 Water Engineering: International Development (1st fall semester)
IE/ANTH 679 Applications of International Development
(fall or spring semester as offered)
Supporting Engineering Classes
CIVE 437 Wastewater Treatment Facility Design
CIVE 440 Nonpoint Source Pollution
CIVE 512 Irrigation Systems Design
CIVE 532 Wells and Pumps
CIVE 544 Water Resources Planning and Management
CIVE 549 Drainage and Wetland Engineering
CIVE 571 Pipeline Engineering and Hydraulics
CIVE 575 Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management
CIVE 577 GIS in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CIVE 578 Infrastructure and Utility Management
Supporting Non-Engineering Classes
ANTH505 Resilience, Well-Being, and Social Justice
ANTH 515 Culture and Environment
ANTH 520 Women, Health, and Culture
ANTH 535 Globalization and Cultural Change
ANTH 540 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 571 Anthropology and Global Heath
AREC 460 Economics of World Agriculture
AREC 660 Development of Rural Resource-Based Economies
IE 470 Women and Development
IE 471 Children and Youth in Global Context
IE/PHIL 550 Ethics and International Development
IE/PSY 517 Perspectives in Global Health
POLS 433 International Organization
POLS 444 Comparative African Politics
POLS 445 Comparative Asian Politics
POLS 446 Politics of South America
POLS 447 Politics in Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
POLS 541 Political Economy of Change and Development
POLS 670 Politics of Environment and Sustainability
POLS 739 International Environmental Politics
POLS 749 Comparative Environmental Politics
SOC 660 Theories of Development and Social Change
SOC 663 Sociology and Sustainable Development
SOC 669 Global Inequality and Change
SPCM 634 Communication and Cultural Diversity
WR 510 Watershed Management in Developing Countries