Travis Bell – Internship Experience

Travis Bell

My name is Travis Bell and I spent the summer of 2013 working as an engineering intern for Kiewit Constructors. Kiewit is the 3rd largest contractor in America and had total revenue of around $11 billion in 2013. They build projects in almost every infrastructure sector all over the country. I was assigned to a pump station project in New Orleans, Louisiana. The job was a $360 million dollar project creating three pump stations along the lake front to help protect against hurricanes. I spent time working both in the field and the office. In the field, I assisted with project oversight, surveying, determining material quantities, quality control, and site setup. While in the office I focused on preparing cost estimates, client relations, and helping design the projects cofferdams.

This experience was incredibly beneficial and I learned a ton about the real workings of industry. Being in the field and office showed me a variety of possible paths I could take in my career and exposed me to what I would enjoy and might not enjoy in the future. Also, having the opportunity to work on such a big project was just cool. I can say I helped build the pump stations that will save New Orleans from the next big hurricane. I learned a lot, applied my knowledge from school, and had a blast. I would suggest interning to every engineering student, especially since it will help you find a job.