Sybil Sharvelle Receives $3M NSF Grant

Dr. Sybil Sharvelle was awarded a five-year, $3 million grant from NSF for The Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems (InTERFEWS) Program.  This program brings together PhD students from traditionally disparate disciplines to conduct research on key problems in the Food-Energy-Water nexus with a focus on water-scarce, arid regions.

The mission of the program is to prepare a diverse group of graduate students with the transdisciplinary and systems-level thinking skills necessary to make meaningful contributions to the complex and changing interactions in food, energy, and water under water scarcity.

InTERFEWS offers interdisciplinary courses that are team taught by several faculty members from different departments.  Core faculty members include:

  • Sybil Sharvelle, InTERFEWS Director, Associate Professor – Civil & Env. En
  • Kenneth Reardon, Professor -= Chem & Bio Eng
  • Mazdak Arabi – Borland Chair of Water Resources, Civil & Env. Eng
  • Thomas Bradley – Interim Chair, Systems Engineering

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