Plan C Environmental Engineering Track


Core Courses:

(Choose 3 for 9 semester hours)

CIVE 440 Non-point source Pollution
CIVE 538 Aqueous Chemistry
CIVE 540 Environmental Biotechnology
CIVE 541 Advanced Water Treatment Processes


Designated Electives:

(choose 5 for at least 15 semester hours)

CIVE 546Water Resource System AnalysisCIVE 572Analysis of Urban Water Systems

CIVE 413 Environmental River Mechanics
CIVE 437 Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
CIVE 439 Environmental Engineering Concepts
CIVE 516 Water Control and Measurement
CIVE 520 Physical Hydrology
CIVE 521 Hydrometry
CIVE 524 Modeling Watershed Hydrology
CIVE 525 Water Engineering: International Development
CIVE 531 Groundwater Hydrology
CIVE 534 Applied and Environmental Molecular Biology
CIVE 544 Water Resources Planning and Management
CIVE 547 Statistics for Environmental Monitoring
CIVE 571 Pipe System Engineering and Hydraulics
CIVE 573 Urban Stormwater Management
CIVE 576 Engineering Applications of GIS and GPS
CIVE 577 GIS in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CIVE 578 Infrastructure and Utility Management
CIVE 580 Models and Computational Methods in Civil Engineering
CIVE 532 Groundwater Wells and Pumps
CIVE 613 Stream Rehabilitation and Design


Open Electives:

(2 needed)

Any 400 and above courses in a related field (e.g. business, sociology, soil science, environmental health, microbiology, agricultural economics, etc.