New $12M Urban Water Sustainability Research Network

Mazdak Arabi

Dr. Mazdak Arabi has just received the cooperative agreement from NSF to establish a $12M Urban Water Sustainability Research Network (SRN) at CSU. The vision of the SRN is to “make a global impact by creating science, guidance, and agents of innovation for integrated water systems and water-sensitive urban design.” The other CE faculty involved with the SRN are: Brian Bledsoe, Neil Grigg, Jorge Ramirez, and Sybil Sharvelle.


The SRN partner institutions include:

Colorado State University (CSU) – lead university
Arizona State University (ASU)
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies (CIES)
Florida International University (FIU)
Howard University (HU)
Oregon State University (OSU)
Princeton University (PU)
University of Arizona (UA)
University of California-Berkeley (UCB)
University of California-Riverside (UCR)
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
University of Miami (UM)
University of Oregon (UO)
University of Pennsylvania (UPENN)

Congratulations Mazdak, Brian, Neil, Jorge, and Sybil on this exciting new research c