Karan Venayagamoorthy receives the Meroney Family Chi Epsilon Faculty Teaching Award


On December 11, Karan was awarded this award which was established by our Emeritus Professor Bob Meroney and his wife Joan. This Fund was made possible with a cash gift from Envirodyne Systems, Inc. on behalf of Dr. Robert and Joan Meroney in May 2016. Other gifts or bequests may also be allocated to this Fund.

The purpose of the Fund is to reward current mid-career faculty (between 5 to 20 years’ service period) whose accomplishments and contributions to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department through outstanding advising, teaching and innovation. Preference is given to those faculty members who exhibit the greatest potential for continuing and long-term impact and who will make significant contributions to the continued success of the programs and reputations therein.

The candidates are nominated and selected by a committee comprised of the Chi Epsilon honor society student executives and their advisor in consultation with the Department Head and Dean of the college.