Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Hydrologic Science and Engineering – Research


Modeled Flood depth in Harvard Gulch, Denver, Colorado

Modeled flood depth in Harvard Gulch, Denver, Colorado and identified recurring flood locations and flooding service requests.  From Knight et al. (2021) and available at

The HSE program encompasses a diverse array of research topics that span all components of the hydrologic cycle, characterization of variability across space, time, and scale, and interactions with Earth and human systems.  Research projects range from fundamental studies on the physics of hydrologic processes to applied research that has direct applications in engineering practice.  Projects can involve field work, laboratory analysis, and computational simulations.

Please see the webpages of participating faculty for recent and current research projects:  Mazdak Arabi, Ryan Bailey, Aditi Bhaskar, Frances Davenport, Jeffrey Niemann, and Ryan Smith.