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The graduate program in Geoengineering at CSU integrates three primary areas within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, viz., Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Groundwater Engineering. The curriculum for the graduate Geoengineering Program is generally flexible and allows students a wide range of courses to choose from in these three primary areas, as well as a number of additional courses offered in supporting areas, such as the geological sciences, soil science, chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, mathematics, statistics, and structural mechanics.

The curriculum is tailored to the student’s desires and needs based on their thesis or dissertation research. This flexibility in curriculum makes the Geoengineering Program particularly attractive for graduate students who either are unsure about focusing on a more traditional area of study or desire a more broad-based background to support their career objectives.

Recommended courses for a focus in Geoenvironmental Engineering

Recommended courses for a focus in Geotechnical Engineering

Elective courses for Geoengineering

Other common courses

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