Gaofeng Jia Awarded a $529,000 grant from the National Science Foundation


Gaofeng Jia and co-PIs Hussam Mahmoud and Systems Engineering Assistant Professor, Dan Heber received a $529,000 grant to make wave farms more competitive by optimizing their performance.

Wave farms are large collections of floating devices that resist ocean waves to produce power. These complex dynamic systems include many interacting wave energy converters. To produce enough power to be economically worthwhile, large numbers of wave energy converters need to be deployed in strategic layouts within the wave farm.

Performance falls short in current wave farm systems for two reasons: environmental uncertainties and the system and its control are designed separately. Integrating design of the physical system and its operational control, by considering the fundamental link between them, and accounting for environmental factors will improve the performance of wave farms. Jia states “While this research will focus on application to plant/layout and control co-design of large-scale wave farms, the framework and methodologies are transferable to the design of other engineering systems, such as onshore and floating offshore wind turbines in wind farms, vehicle design, smart antennas and intelligent structures.”

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