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Facilities & Resources

The primary laboratory facility and resource utilized by the staff and students affiliated with the Wind engineering and Fluid Mechanics Program (WEFM) is the Wind Engineering and Fluids Laboratory (WEFL). The laboratory consists of three large (boundary-layer) wind tunnels and a number of smaller wind-tunnel facilities. It is housed at the Engineering Research Center, which provides support services for the laboratory. The laboratory instrumentation includes: hot wire and laser doppler anemometry, multi-port pressure measurement systems, force balances, vibration transducers, computer support, data acquisition, as well as data processing and computational fluid dynamics software.

Further information on the laboratory capabilities, as well as recent and past projects carried out at WEFL can be found on the laboratory website, at Students affiliated with the WEFM have direct access to the WEFL’s facilities and they are actively involved in research projects carried out at the laboratory.