Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Fluid Mechanics – Courses

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics



Each student develops, in consultation with his/her advisory committee, a specific program of study and research that is consistent with the individual’s background, interests and goals. Typical programs are listed below. The PhD sample program assumes completion of a M.S. degree at Colorado State University with the same area of emphasis.

Master of Science

CIVE 502 Fluid Mechanics
CIVE 504 Wind Engineering
CIVE 506 Wind Effects on Structures
CIVE 566 Intermediate Structural Analysis
CIVE 604 Fluid Turbulence and Modeling
ATS 555 Air Pollution
MATH 530 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
CIVE 562 Foundations of Solid Mechanics
MATH 631 Partial Differential Equations I

Doctor of Philosophy

ATS 601 Atmospheric Dynamics I
ATS 623 Atmospheric Boundary Layer
CIVE 562 Fundamentals of Vibrations
CIVE 565 Finite Element Method
CIVE 622 Risk Analysis of Water/Environmental Systems
CIVE 703 Special Topics in Fluid Mechanics
STAT 520 Introduction to Probability Theory
STAT 521 Stochastic Processes I