Collection of 100 Hydrology Papers

Paper No. Title Authors Date Link
1 Fluctuations of Wet and Dry Years Part I: Research Data Assembly and Mathematical Models V. Yevjevich July 1963 Full content (pdf)
2 Evaluation of Solar Beam Irradiation As a Climatic Parameter of Mountain Watersheds R. Lee August 1963 Full content (pdf)
3 Hydraulic Properties of Porous Media R. H. Brooks and A. T. Corey March 1964 Full content (pdf)
4 Fluctuations of Wet and Dry Years Part II: Analysis by Serial Correlation V. Yevjevich June 1964 Full content (pdf)
5 Diffusion of Entrapped Air from Porous Media G. L. Bloomsburg and A. T. Corey August 1964 Full content (pdf)
6 Inter_station Correlations in Annual Precipitation and in Annual Effective Precipitation J. E. Caffey June 1965 Full content (pdf)
7 Steady Upward Flow from Water Tables A. Anat, H. R. Duke and A. T. Corey June 1965 Full content (pdf)
8 Probability Functions of Best Fit to Distributions of Annual Precipitation and Runoff R. D. Markovic August 1965 Full content (pdf)
9 Similitude for Non-steady Drainage of Partially Saturated Soils G. L. Corey, A. T. Corey and R. H. Brooks August 1965 Full content (pdf)
10 The Application of Surplus, Deficit and Range in Hydrology V. Yevjevich September 1965 Full content (pdf)
11 The Analysis of Range with Output Linearly Dependent Upon Storage M. J. Melentijevich September 1965 Full content (pdf)
12 Conditional Probabilities of Occurrence of Wet and Dry Years over a Large Continental Area S. Pinkayan April 1966 Full content (pdf)
13 Influence of Environment on Stream Microbial Dynamics S. M. Morrison and J. F. Fair April 1966 Full content (pdf)
14 Stochastic Properties of Lake Outflows R. I. Jeng and V. Yevjevich August 1966 Full content (pdf)
15 Mathematical Models for Time Series of Monthly Precipitation and Monthly Runoff L. A. Roesner and V. Yevjevich October 1966 Full content (pdf)
16 Statistical Evaluation of Weather Modification Attainments R. D. Markovic November 1966 Full content (pdf)
17 Properties of Unsaturated Porous Media G. E. Laliberte, A. T. Corey and R. H. Brooks November 1966 Full content (pdf)
18 Stochastic Model of Daily River Flow Sequences R. G. Quimpo February 1967 Full content (pdf)
19 Engineering Judgment and Small Area Flood Peaks L. A. V. Hiemstra and Brian M. Reich April 1967 Full content (pdf)
20 Accuracy of Discharge Determinations W. T. Dickinson June 1967 Full content (pdf)
21 Water Quality of Mountain Watersheds S. H. Kunkle and J. R. Meiman June 1967 Full content (pdf)
22 Prediction of Water Yield in High Mountain Watersheds Based on Physiography R. W. Julian, V. Yevjevich, H. J. Morel-Seytoux August 1967 Full content (pdf)
23 An Objective Approach to Definitions and Investigations of Continental Hydrologic Droughts V. Yevjevich August 1967 Full content (pdf)
24 The Application of Cross-Spectral Analysis to Hydrologic Time Series I. Rodriguez-Iturbe September 1967 Full content (pdf)
25 An Experimental Rainfall-Runoff Facility W. T. Dickinson, M. E. Holland and G. L. Smith September 1967 Full content (pdf)
26 The Investigation of Relationship Between Hydrologic Time Series and Sunspot Numbers I. Rodriguez- Iturbe and V. Yevjevich April 1968 Full content (pdf)
27 Diffusion of Entrapped Gas from Porous Media K. M. Adam and A. T. Corey April 1968 Full content (pdf)
28 Sampling Bacteria in A Mountain Stream S. H. Kunkle and J. R. Meiman March 1968 Full content (pdf)
29 Estimating Design Floods from Extreme Rainfall F. C. Bell July 1968 Full content (pdf)
30 Conservation of Soil Water by Gravel Mulches A. T. Corey and W. D. Kemper September 1968 Full content (pdf)
31 Effects Of Truncation on Dependence in Hydrological Time Series R. K. Bhuiya and V. Yevjevich November 1968 Full content (pdf)
32 Properties of Non-homogeneous Hydrologic Series V. Yevjevich and R.I. Jeng April 1969 Full content (pdf)
33 Runs of Precipitation Series J. Llamas and M. M. Siddiqui May 1969 Full content (pdf)
34 Statistical Discrimination of Change in Daily Runoff A. J. Dumas and H. J. Morel-Seytoux August 1969 Full content (pdf)
35 Stochastic Process of Precipitation P. Todorovic and V. Yevjevich September 1969 Full content (pdf)
36 Suitability of the Upper Colorado River Basin for Precipitation Management H. Nakamichi and H. J. Morel-Seytoux October 1969 Full content (pdf)
37 Regional Discrimination of Change in Runoff V. Nimmannit and H. J. Morel-Seytoux November 1969 Full content (pdf)
38 Evaluation of the Effect of Impoundment on Water Quality in Cheney Reserior J. C. Ward and S. Karaki March 1970 Full content (pdf)
39 The Kinematic Cascade as A Hydrologic Model D. F. Kibler and D. A. Woolhiser March 1970 Full content (pdf)
40 Application of Run-Lengths to Hydrologic Series J. Saldrriaga and V. Yevjevich April 1970 Full content (pdf)
41 Numerical Simulation of Dispersion in Groundwater Aquiffers D. L. Reddell and D. K. Sunada June 1970 Full content (pdf)
42 Theoretical Probability Distributions for Flood Peaks E. Zelenhasic November 1970 Full content (pdf)
43 Flood Routing Through Storm drains, Part I: Solution of Problems of Unstead Free Surface Flow in a Storm Drain V. Yevjevich and A. H. Barnes November 1970 Not Available
44 Flood Routing Through Storm Drains, Part II: Physical Facilities and Experiments V. Yevjevich and A. H. Barnes November 1970 Full content (pdf)
45 Flood Routing Through Storm Drain, Part III: Evaluation of Geometric and Hydraulic Parameters V. Yevjevich and A. H. Barnes November 1970 Full content (pdf)
46 Flood Routing Through Storm Drain Part IV: Numerical Computer Methods of Solution V. Yevjevich and A. H. Barnes November 1970 Full content (pdf)
47 Mathematical Simulation of Infiltrating Watersheds R. E. Smith and D. A. Woolhiser January 1971 Full content (pdf)
48 Models for Subsurface Drainage W.E. Henstrom, A.T. Corey and H. R. Duke April 1971 Full content (pdf)
49 Infiltration Affected by Flow of Air D. B. McWhorter May 1971 Full content (pdf)
50 Probabilities of Observed Droughts J. Millan and V. Yevjevich June 1971 Full content (pdf)
51 Amplification Criterion of Gradually Varied, Single Peaked Waves J. P. Jolly and V. Yevjevich December 1971 Full content (pdf)
52 Stochastic Structure of Water Use Time Series J. D. Salas-La Cruz and V. Yevjevich June 1972 Full content (pdf)
53 Agricultural Response to Hydrologic Drought V. J. Bidwell July 1972 Full content (pdf)
54 Loss of Information by Discretizing Hydrologic Series M. Dryhr-Nielsen October 1972 Full content (pdf)
55 Drought Impact on Regional Economy J. Millan October 1972 Full content (pdf)
56 Structural Analysis of Hydrologic Time Series V. Yevjevich November 1972 Full content (pdf)
57 Range Analysis for Storage Problems of Periodic-Stochastic Processes/td> J. D. Salas-La Cruz November 1972 Full content (pdf)
58 Applicability of Canonical Correlation in Hydrology P. Torrain November 1972 Full content (pdf)
59 Transposition of Storms for Estimating Flood Probability Distributions V. K. Gupta November 1972 Full content (pdf)
60 Response of Karst Aquifers to Recharge W. G. Knisel December 1972 Full content (pdf)
61 Drainage Design Based Upon Aeration H. R. Duke June 1973 Full content (pdf)
62 Techniques for Modeling Reservoir Salinity J. Hendrick August 1973 Full content (pdf)
63 Mechanics of Soil Erosion from Overland Flow Generated By Simulated Rainfall M. Kilinc and E. V. Richardson September 1973 Full content (pdf)
64 Area-Time Structure of the Monthly Precipitation Process V. Yevjevich and A. K. Karplus August 1973 Full content (pdf)
65 Almost-Periodic, Stochastic Process of Long-Term Climatic Changes W. Q. Chen and V. Yevjevih March 1974 Full content (pdf)
66 Hydrologic Effects of Patch Cutting of Lodgepole Pine T. L. Dietrich and J. R. Meiman April 1974 Full content (pdf)
67 Economic Value of Sediment Discharge Data S. Jacobi and E. V. Richardson April 1974 Full content (pdf)
68 Stochastic Analysis of Groundwater Level Time Series in the Western United States A. G. Law May 1974 Full content (pdf)
69 Efficient Sequential Optimization in Water Resources T. E. Croley September 1974 Full content (pdf)
70 Regional Water Exchange for Drought Alleviation K. Taleuchi November 1974 Full content (pdf)
71 Determination of Urban Watershed Response Time/td> E. F. Schulz and O. G. Lopez December 1974 Full content (pdf)
72 Generation of Hydrologic Samples: Case Study of Great Lakes V. Yevjevich May 1975 Full content (pdf)
73 Extraction of Information on Inorganic Water Quality W. L. Lane July 1975 Full content (pdf)
74 Numerical Model of Flow in a Stream-Aquifer System C. E. Kraeger Rovey August 1975 Full content (pdf)
75 Dispersion of Mass in Open-Channel Flow W. W. Sayre August 1975 Not Available
76 Analysis and Synthesis of Flood Control Measures K. C. Tai September 1975 Full content (pdf)
77 Methodology for the Selection and Timing of Water Resources Projects to Promote National Economic Development W. Lemma August 1975 Full content (pdf)
78 Two-Dimension Mass Dispersion in Rivers F. M. Holly, Jr. September 1975 Full content (pdf)
79 Range and Deficit Analysis Using Markov Chains F. L. S. Gomide September 1975 Full content (pdf)
80 Analysis of Drought Characteristics by the Theory of Runs P. Guerrero-Salazar and V. Yevjevich September 1975 Full content (pdf)
81 Influence of Simplifications in Watershed Geometry in Simulation of Surface Runoff L. J. Lane, D. A. Woolhiser, and V. Yevjevich December 1975 Full content (pdf)
82 Distributions of Hydrologic Independent Stochastic Components P. Tao, V. Yevjevich and N. Kottegoda January 1976 Full content (pdf)
83 Optimal Operation of Physically Coupled Surface and Underground Storage Capacities D. Isailovic January 1976 Full content (pdf)
84 A Salinity Management Strategy for Stream-Aquiffer Systems O. J. Helweg and J. W. Labadie February 1976 Full content (pdf)
85 Urban Drainage and Flood Control Projects Economic, Legal and Financial Aspects N. Grigg, L. H. Botham, L. Rice, W. L. Shoemaker, and L. S. Tucker February 1976 Full content (pdf)
86 Reservoir Capacity for Periodic-Stochastic Input and Periodic Output K. N. Mutreja September 1976 Full content (pdf)
87 Area-Deficit-Intensity Characteristics of Droughts N. Tase November 1976 Full content (pdf)
88 Effect of Misestimating Harmonics in Periodic Hydrologic Parameters K. L. Bullard, V. Yevjevich and N. Kottegoda November 1976 Full content (pdf)
89 Stochastic Modeling of Hydrologic, Intermittent Daily Processes J. Kelman February 1977 Full content (pdf)
90 Experimental Study of Drainage Basin Evolution and Its Hydrologic Implications R. S. Parker June 1977 Full content (pdf)
91 A Model of Stochastic Structure of Daily Precipitation over An Area C. W. Richardson July 1977 Full content (pdf)
92 Effects of Forest and Agricultural Land Use on Flood Unit Hydrographs/td> W. Sangvaree and V.Yevjevich July 1977 Full content (pdf)
93 A Distributed Kinematic Model of Upland Watersheds E. W. Rovey, D. A. Woolhiser and R. E. Smith July 1977 Full content (pdf)
94 Fluctuations of Wet and Dry Years, An Analysis by Variance Spectrum V. Yevjevich August 1977 Full content (pdf)
95 Mathematical Modeling of Sediment Deposition in Reservoirs J. L. Lopez S. July 1978 Full content (pdf)
96 Effects of Surface Roughness and Its Spatial Distribution on Runoff Hydrographs Y. Wu, V. Yevjevich and D. A. Woolhiser October 1978 Full content (pdf)
97 Use of Partial Flood Series for Estimating Distribution of Maximum Annual Flood Peak V. Taesombut and V. Yevjevich October 1978 Full content (pdf)
98 Cluster Analysis Based on Density Estimates and Its Application to Landsat Imagery J. K. Park, Y. H. Chen and D. B. Simons September 1979 Full content (pdf)
99 Effects of Reservoirs in Karst Areas on Earthquakes P. Stojic January 1980 Full content (pdf)
100 Stochastic Properties of Water Storage G. G. S. Pegram, J. D. Salas, D. C. Boes and V. Yevjevich August 1980 Full content (pdf)

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